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Retirement years

Linda Wright
4 min readDec 7, 2021

Photo of me my granddaughter took for my self published books

I thought writing about my childhood years would be the hardest years to write about. But now when I am ready to write about my retirement years I think this part of my life will be the hardest one for me to write.

Last Part — Retirement Years — Part 1

Grief has been a factor in my life for many of my years. Shortly after I retired from teaching I got a job in a little boutique. The owner of the shop and I became very good friends. She said to me one day at work, “I have never known anyone that has gone to so many funerals as you have!” She and I had shared family stories so she knew my history with grief and my family members. But of course she observed me losing friends and going to many funerals when I worked for her.

I already have written on Medium About Me — Linda Wright that my father died when I was a teenager. My mother died in my teaching years. But three significant deaths of family members happened in my retirement years. Also funerals of aunts, uncles, a cousin, my mother and father-in-laws, and friends, had to be attended.

The first significant death after my retirement was of my wonderful, loving, caring, younger sister, Cynthia. Her death hit my older sister and me extremely hard. My older sister seemed to age ten years in front of my eyes the week after our sister died. Cynthia was only 47 years old when she died and she wanted to live and bring up her adopted daughter from Russia. I will possibly write a post about my niece, Shannon. Her adopted mother, my sister, had a sad life. Her two sisters loved her very much.

Six years after my younger sister died my older sister, Ann, died in the arms of her husband. She lived on an island without any hospitals nearby, but I doubt it would have mattered for she died of a heart attack.

My older sister was so very special to me. When our mother died she said she would now be my mother. She was 16 years older than I but I never thought anything of our age difference. I also have two very good friends that are much older than me but their age does not matter to me at all.



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