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Teaching Years

Linda Wright
6 min readDec 6, 2021


Picture was taken by my beloved granddaughter

This exercise of thinking about the different years of my life has been all-consuming. It is all I think about. I could have written even more in the Early Years post and my College Years post but I did not want to make them too long. I like posts to read in 6 min. or less!

This exercise reminds me of the old TV show, This Is Your Life!

Part Three

Teaching Years

When I was in college there was a shortage of teachers. During the first semester of my Senior year in college, I was offered a teaching position in the district where my then-boyfriend taught.

I went to the interview but turned down the position. I wanted to graduate from college first.

After college graduation, I did get a job in that district but not with that principal or school.

On my first day in my career, I was decorating in the hall and met the teacher who would teach beside me.

I was a third-grade teacher, she was a fourth-grade teacher. We bonded pretty quickly. She was a new teacher also fresh out of college. We were both Lindas and both were to be married the next summer.

We became friends that day and have been ever since.

Her fiancee and mine also became friends.

Her husband-to-be, Mike, taught in a different school district than the three of us, but the four of us lived in the same neighborhood.

Mike is a poet and songwriter as well as a teacher. He often shared his writings with my husband-to-be, James, and myself.

James was a writer also but he wrote history columns for the newspaper and history books.

After I was married I taught third grade for three more years.

During my third year, I had the most wonderful news! I was expecting my baby boy in August.

I taught until the end of that school year and no one could have been happier, my son Jim was born in August! My doctor said after the delivery, “I never saw someone be so…



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